Monday, February 17, 2014

This Presidents Day get ready for a new adventure into local history. Now with GPS(Global Positioning System) you can use your smart phone, Google Earth or a GPS unit to discover the locations of local history. Learn about the history of your neighborhood or travel on the high road with this popular outdoor hobby called Geocaching. Let's turn Presidents Day into something more meaningful than just auto and white product sales.

This virtual treasure hunt incorporates the use of finding Geocaches, a waterproof container with small items inside. These geocaches are hidden from view typically in shrubs and trees or underneath outdoor structures like boardwalks. Inside the cache can be found a paper log available for signing and a range of small trading items such as medallions, pins, laminated pictures on the history of the location, and trackables. People from all backgrounds can enjoy this hobby with their families.

Throughout the globe are historical and Presidential themed geocaches; some example include; St. Augustine where there is the Teddy Roosevelt at the Fountain of Youth geocache, a number of Presidential themed Geocaches in Jacksonville, Florida, Lake Jackson in Tallahassee has a ancient Indian themed geocache and Brevard County has 4 Presidential themed geocaches on Presidents and numerous history themed geocaches.

Remember you don’t even need a GPS unit, you can use a Smart phone with an app or use Google Earth by putting in the GPS coordinates.

This hobby is popular among tourists. We invite historians and history buffs everywhere to find a local geocaching group in their own local own area and join us either by visiting Brevard County on this date or remotely from their own location. Leave your comments and tell us your plans. This years's event will be located and the beautiful Manatee Sanctuary Park

You're invited to join this Geocaching Tour from you own location. The idea is to log Presidential and history themed caches from your location on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th. Then leave a comment here with the GC codes and the state or region that you logged on these days.

Post your finds for Presidents Day in the comment section below.


  1. Any of these caches close to you?
    GC1DNZY Pres. Roosevelt
    GC1E5FT Pres. Truman
    GC1NVN2 George Washington
    GC1NVN5 John Adams
    GC1NVNB Thomas Jefferson
    GC1NW74 James Madison
    GC1NW78 James Monroe
    GC1NW7F John Quincy Adams
    GC1NW7Q Martin Van Buren
    GC1NW7T William Henry Harrison
    GC1NW7W John Tyler
    GC1NW81 James Knox Polk
    GC1NW82 Zachary Taylor
    GC1NW89 Millard Fillmore
    GC1NW8G James Buchanan
    GC1NW8P Franklin Pierce
    GC1NXQ8 Andrew Johnson
    GC1PQ5Z Rutherford Birchard Hayes
    GC1PQ5D Ulysses Simpson Grant
    GC1PQ6W Grover Cleveland
    GC1PQ73 Benjamin Harrison
    GC1PQ79 Grover Cleveland (elected twice)
    GC1PQ6C James Abram Garfield
    GC1PQ6M Chester Alan Arthur
    GC1QE2H William McKinley
    GC1RXQH Theodore Roosevelt
    GC1VJT5 William Howard Taft
    GC1VJTJ Woodrow Wilson
    GC1VJVD Warren Gamaliel Harding
    GC1WFG8 Calvin Coolidge
    GC1WFGK Herbert Clark Hoover
    GC1WFHM Franklin Delano Roosevelt
    GC1WFJ3 Harry S. Truman
    GC1Y4WD Dwight David Eisenhower
    GC1Y4WE John Fitzgerald Kennedy
    GC1Y4WJ Lyndon Baines Johnson
    GC1YF8C Richard Milhous Nixon
    GC21EEN Gerald Rudolph Ford
    GC21EEX James Earl Carter, Jr.
    GC21EF6 Ronald Wilson Reagan
    GC25W4X George Herbert Walker Bush
    GC2695F William Jefferson Clinton
    GC26DCJ George Walker Bush
    GC28412 Barack Hussein Obama
    GC1Q50E Vice President Schuyler Colfax
    GC1VKV4 Vice President Calvin Coolidge
    GC1NWB9 Vice President John Adams
    GC1NX97 Vice President Thomas Jefferson
    GC1NX9F Vice President Aaron Burr
    GC1P1XZ Vice President Daniel D. Tompkins
    GC1P1YV Vice President Martin Van Buren
    GC1P1WH Vice President George Clinton
    GC1P440 Vice President Millard Fillmore
    GC1P445 Vice President William R. King
    GC1P52M Vice President John C. Breckinridge
    GC1PJY8 Vice President Hannibal Hamlin
    GC1PJYN Vice President Andrew Johnson
    GC1Q525 Vice President Henry Wilson
    GC1R358 Vice President Chester A Arthur
    GC1R35C Vice President Thomas A. Hendricks
    GC1R35E Vice President Levi P. Morton
    GC1R5PY Vice President Garret Hobart
    GC1RCZ7 Vice President Theodore Roosevelt
    GC1VJZR Vice President James S. Sherman
    GC1WGXC Vice President Charles G. Davis
    GC1WGXR Vice President Charles Curtis
    GC1WGYJ Vice President Henry A Wallace
    GC1Y5Y9 Vice President Alben Barkley
    GC1YA48 Vice President Richard Nixon
    GC1YGKP Vice President Lyndon B. Johnson
    GC1YGM4 Vice President Huburt Humphrey
    GC21FR3 Vice President George H.W. Bush
    GC2649M Vice President Dan Quayle
    GC26DX3 Vice President Al Gore
    GC27VRG Vice President Dick Cheney
    GC2856P Vice President Elbridge Gerry
    GC28574 Vice President Joe Biden
    GC1T2KT Vice President Charles W. Fairbanks
    GC19D0G Presidents Day
    GC1MPGF Presidents Day 2009

    1. WOW! That is quite a list. Last year during an uneventful trip between Dayton, OH and Denver, CO, we resolved to "stop and smell the roses". We were not geocaching but stopped for one day each at 1) Lincoln Museum in Springfield, IL (try GCMNH3 -- Abe's Library), 2)Truman Presidential Library in Independence, MO (start with GC2DBH0 -- All About Harry), 3) Eisenhower Presidential Library in Abilene, KS (no caches nearby -- unbelievable)

  2. Thanks for an interesting afternoon. This was our first Geocaching Event and we learned quite a bit. We'll try to do more.

  3. Hello Roger:
    I did a spot check of the caches in you list. They are all in the Denver, CO area and appear to be the work of one person. ONE PERSON put out all those caches!!! That is an awesome task.

    My son and his family live in the Denver, CO area. So I will forward the list to him to use with his kids. I hope those caches have something to interest young kids.